Aaron Lim is a contemporary jewelry designer specializing in simple, elegant, and minimal designs in metal and mixed media. Trained as an architect, his interests lie in light, space, and structure, and how they relate to the body. Largely self-taught, Aaron has been making jewelry and working with metals for the past several years while working as an architectural designer. He is interested in jewelry as a platform for developing new and delightful spatial experiences at a small scale. His architectonic work incorporates the use of geometry, repetition, and visual and tactile contrast. His goal as a jeweler is to bring moments of joy, levity, and quiet to an individual’s experience of objects on a small scale.

I’m inspired by the work of pioneering artists such as Margaret de Patta and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, whose work investigated the modulation of light and space through the use of new materials. I work in mixed media using primarily wood, metal, acrylic, architectural films, and paint creating layered compositions which play off transparency and opacity. The films are applied to lasercut acrylic shapes which are then scored or etched by hand. The shapes are then riveted together forming a permanent sandwich of layered film and etched lines. As a result, they create a subtle play of light and shadow which appears to be suspended within the clear acrylic. Given the transparency of the acrylic, the structure is visible and therefore just as if not more important than the encasement itself. In my recent work, I’ve been exploring the idea of wrapping the encasements with sterling silver sheet which provides a backdrop for shadows as well as becomes part of the composition where the structure is informed by the encasement and vice-versa. Drawing on my background in architecture, my interest is in the integration of structure and form in a total composition.

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